Product: jSecure
Features: JSecure adresses one very obvious weak point of Joomla! and cure it by locking the access to the backend.
Benefits: It's simple to setup and use.

Product: jSecure
Features: The admin access notification feature is an eye-opening attribute! If there isn't a page to log into, then they'll go somewhere else. It would be suspicious for anyone other than myself to access the admin panel, so once I'm notified of a threat, I'll usually just block their entire IP range through httaccess, and ask questions later when someone mentions they can not access my site. The idea of being notified via instant message or email is a crucial tool in order to prevent admin access from snoops or hackers.
Benefits: The URL redirection for the "unknown key" access is also a great deterrent. Simply redirect to a 404 error page, or a create your own capture page to see what the snoop is trying to do.
Recommend: Yes. jSecure is easy to install and it's an effective access prevention tool.
Additional Info: How about including a geolocation of the IP address?
Russell Richardson

Product: wSecure
Features: Ability to hide login page
Benefits: enhanced security for wordpress sites
Recommend: i think this is an essential plugin, and will be installing it on all of my wordpress sites.

Product: jSecure
Features: It's simple to work with. It's cheap and affective!
Benefits: The service from your forum is great! Quick answers and solutions.
Recommend: Yes defenitly!
Additional Info: No, The product does what it supposed to do.
Richard Heuving

Product: jSecure
Features: It makes the back end of a Joomla website secure. It's as simple as that.
Benefits: It is easy to configure and understand what the component is telling you about entry attempts.
Recommend: If you have clients who insist on using "admin" as their username and an easy password like "admin123" then this is a must!
Additional Info: I personally believe that this should be included as part of the standard Joomla installation. I include it on all my clients' sites.
Christina Martin


JSecure adresses one very obvious weak point of Joomla! and cure it by locking the access to the backend.

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