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JSP Store Locator Change Log

Change Logs:

Version 2.5: (23-February-2018) ( Features available only for Joomla 3.x.x )
A. Security Fixes for SQL Injection Issues
B. Fix for issue - Incorrect parameter count in the call to native function 'radians' on front end
C. Minor Bug Fixes for "JSP Store Locator 2.4"

Version 2.4: (9-February-2018) ( Features available only for Joomla 3.x.x )
A. Addition of 3 JSP Store Locator Frontend Themes.
B. Google Map Styles feature to display customized maps on Website frontend.
C. Bing Maps updated to Version 8.
D. Bug Fixes for "JSP Store Locator 2.3"

Version 2.2: (20-April-2016) ( Features available only for Joomla 3.x.x )
A. Optimized Import Locations by .xls file functionality.
B. Export Saved Locations in .xls files
C. Create Locations using Google Places API on a single click of a button.
D. Bug Fixes for "JSP Store Locator 2.1"

Version 2.1: (08-January-2016) ( Features available only for Joomla 3.x.x )
A. Import Locations by .xls files
B. Display Store Videos on front end
C. Google Autocomplete Address functionality on search box
D. Full Branch List entries in grid view
E. Bug Fixes for "JSP Store Locator 2.0"

Version 2.0: (15-May-2015)
A. New Layout in JSP Store Locator 2.0
B. Search directly by country, state, city or zip in a single search box
C. Upload Multiple Images to a Store
D. Store Image now also shown in map popup
E. Exclusive pages for Store details and Map directions
F. Exclusive page for showing full list of stores with filter options
G. Dynamic Pointers ordered by store numbers on both maps
H. Bug Fixes for "JSP Store Locator 1.8"
I. JSP Location is now known as JSP Store Locator

Version 1.8: (8-Dec-2014)
A. Added Bing Maps to JSP Store Locator 1.8
B. Major Bug Fixes for 'JSP Store Locator 1.7'

Version 1.7: (4-Sept-2014)
A. Major Bug Fixes for 'JSP Store Locator 1.6'

Version 1.6: (14-Aug-2013)
A. Introduced new themes in extension 'Classic' and 'Modern'.
B. Option to 'Add Image' for each location and display the same in a light box.
C. Option to skip loading 'jQuery'.
D. Feature to show 'Default / Location' Image for the initial screen.
E. 'Pagination' for locations.
F. 'JText' fixation for front-end.
G. 'Description' of locations now comes in a light box.
H. Option to configure 'Get Directions' search units (Miles/KMS).
I. Improved the presentation of 'Location Listing' and 'Description' on map pointers.
J. 'Pointer Type' option to 'Auto Generate Pointers' or to use 'Customized Pointers'.
K. Bug Fixes for 'JSP Store Locator 1.5'.

Version 1.5: (13-Mar-2013)
A. Locate Me Feature to find nearby stores/locations.
B. Hit graph to keep track of locations visited by users.
C. Hit graph to keep track of zip / postal codes searched by users.
D. Bug Fixes for JSP Store Locator 1.4.

Version 1.4: (28-Nov-2012)
A. Added feature to select configuration options from menu parameters.
B. Added JText language file support also for front-end.
C. Resolved the issues found in JSP Store Locator 1.3

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