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oStoreLocator Change Log

oStoreLocator 1.0 has a range of improvements including:

1.0 (14-Aug-2019):

1) Default map on initially load with a list of locations.

2) Import locations by .xls files in OStoreLocator by entering only Name, Address, Country, State, City, Area.

3) Export saved locations in .xls file format in OStoreLocator.

4) Display customized Google Maps on Website frontend using Google Map Styles feature.

5) Create Locations using Google Places API on a single click of a button in OStoreLocator.

6) Google auto complete address functionality on the search box in OStoreLocator.

7) Enable/Disable search option to show search option or not.

8) Locate Me Feature to find nearby stores/locations.

9) User can search location by ZIP/Postal code or search by selecting category/country/state/city/area.

10) Users can generate categories and assign those categories to locations and also search locations of a particular category.

11) Options to add custom fields (of type text) to locations from the backend and to show them on the frontend with locations list.

12) Locations list on the frontend now comes with a slider so that users have the option to expand the display of the map to have a look at the locations in an enhanced way.

13) Branch detail pop-up with additional info (Description of branch/location).

14) The "Get Directions" option that provides a route planner to find out route from one location to another.

15) Configurable width, height and zoom level for the map.

16) Configurable fields like Branch Name, Contact Person, Contact Number, Gender, E-mail Id, Website, Description to show on list/map or not.

17) Configurable parameters like Display Directions, Country name, State name, City name, Area name to show on list/map or not.

18) No need to enter LAT/LONG info.

19) Grid View for Full Branch List in OStoreLocator

20) Improved backend presentation.

21) Improved support on our forum.

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