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JSP Tickets

I.  Introduction
JSP Ticket v1.0 Extension is the Ticketing extension for Joomla! 2.5.x and 3.x Platform whose ability is to provide the ticket accessibility to both Joomla! guests and registered users.

II. Installation | Uninstallation

Installing JSP Tickets v1.0 from a package:

First UNZIP the UNZIP-FIRST Package chose the JSP Ticket Package according to the Joomla! Version of the host website then go to Install panel in Extension Manger of Joomla! Choose zip files to be uploaded and install it.

Uninstalling JSP Tickets v1.0:

For uninstalling the JSP Tickets Extension form Joomla! Go to Manage panel in Extension Manager search for “JSP Tickets” extension choose the files to uninstall then Uninstall them.

Manual Uninstallation:

Remove the database entries from the site database using MySQL Clients like (phpmyadmin)
  1. DELETE FROM `DBPREFIX_assets` WHERE `name` LIKE "%com_jsptickets%"

  2. DELETE FROM `DBPREFIX_categories` WHERE `extension` = "com_jsptickets"

  3. DELETE FROM `DBPREFIX_extensions` WHERE `element` LIKE "%jsptickets%"

Delete following files and folders using ftp

I) Removing Plugin Files and Folders

  1. JPATH_ROOT/plugins/system/jsptickets/jsptickets.php

  2. JPATH_ROOT/plugins/system/jsptickets/jsptickets.xml

  3. JPATH_ROOT/plugins/system/jsptickets/index.html

  4. JPATH_ROOT/plugins/system/jsptickets/twitteroauth-libs

  5. JPATH_ROOT/plugins/system/jsptickets

II) Removing Front-End (site side) Files and Folders

  1. Files and folders inside “JPATH_ROOT/components/com_jsptickets”

  2. JPATH_ROOT/components/com_jsptickets

III) Removing Back-End (administrator side) Files and Folders

  1. Files and folders inside “JPATH_ROOT/administrator/components/com_jsptickets”

  2. JPATH_ROOT/administrator/components/com_jsptickets

III.  Features
  1. Joomla! 2.5 and 3.x ready.

  2. Bootstrap styling.

  3. Nice SEF URLs, without requiring a SEF component.

  4. Allows you to add files either stored on any directory under your site's root to the attachment of the ticket and also gives control to the administrator type of file allowed.

  5. Also gives advanced users to keep track of their product reviews from Social platforms like Facebook pages and Twitter accounts and also creates automatic tickets for the concerned reviews and sends details to the relevant users, administrators and moderators.

  6. One can select Joomla! User Groups to the categories of the JSP Tickets and all the users inside those User Groups

    will be able to access the tickets once those categories are assigned to the tickets.

  7. Users also have the access to the categories of the other extensions if the administrator configures so from the back-end of the JSP Tickets.

  8. Notification through mailing services to each of the administrators, moderators, and users' mail addresses.

  9. Automatic Feeds from the Social Media like Facebook Public Page and Twitter Account mentioned in the configuration to the Dashboard of the JSP Tickets.

  10. Monthly Status Graph,” tells the status of different tickets in the current month, and “Ticket Category Graph” gives us the number of tickets in each category of JSP Tickets extensions.

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