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wSecure Authentication

I.  Introduction

wSecure v2.1 hides admin URL so that default URL will no longer bring up the admin page. Only people who enter the secret key will be able to access admin area.

II.  Installation | Uninstallation

Installing wSecure v2.1 from a package:
  1.  From WordPress 2.7 and above you can install plugins directly from the admin area. Download the plugin to your system, then log in to your WP admin area and go to Plugins > Add New. Browse to the plugin archive and select it. Then click Install Now and the plugin will be installed shortly.

  2. Make sure that the $WP_HOME/wp-content/plugins/wsecure/params.php file is writable by the web server.

  3. Activate the plugin.

  4. The wSecure settings are located under "Settings"-> "wSecure Configuration".

Manual Installation of wSecure v2.1:
  1. Download the plugin file and unzip it.

  2. Put the wsecure directory into your (Wordpress home directory (varies depending on hosting company))/wp-content/plugins/ directory.

  3. Make sure that the (Wordpress home directory (varies depending on hosting company))/wp-content/plugins/wsecure/params.php file is writable by the web server.

  4. Then log into your Wordpress administration area Activate the plugin.

  5. The wSecure settings are located under "Settings"-> "wSecure Configuration".

Uninstalling wSecure v2.1:
  1. Go to admin panel and click on “Installed Plugins” below “Plugins” tab.

  2. Deactivate the “wSecure Authentication” plugin by clicking on the “Deactivate” link below the plugin.

  3. Once the plugin is deactivated the “Delete” link will appear below click this link to uninstall the plugin.

III.  Features

The Basic Version will hide your administrator URL from public access. This is all most people need.
  1. Set "Enable" to "yes" in order for wSecure to work. In the "Key" field enter the key that will be part of your new administrator URL. For example, if you enter "wSecure" into the key field, then the administrator URL will be http://www.yourwebsite/wp-admin/?wSecure. Please note that you cannot have a key that is only numbers.

  2. If you do not enter a key, but enable the wSecure plugin, then the default URL to access the administrator area is /?wSecure (http://www.yourwebsite/wp-admin/?wSecure).

  3. Set the "Redirect Options" field. By default, if someone tries to access you /wp-admin URL without the correct key, they will be redirected to the home page of your Wordpress site. You can also set up a "Custom Path" is you would like the user to be redirected somewhere else, such as a 404 error page.

  4. Click on the save button to make changes.

 The Advanced version has additional features that you can have.

  1. Mail tab: This sets whether you want an email to be sent every time there is a failed login attempt into the Wordpress administration area. You can set it to send the wSecure key or the incorrect key that was entered.

  2. IP tab: This tab allows you to control which IPs have access to your admin URL.

  3. White Listed IPs: If set to "White Listed IPs" you can make a white list for certain IPs. Only those specific IPS will be allowed to access your admin URL.

  4. Blocked IPs: If set to "Blocked IPs" you can block certain IPs form accessing your admin URL.

  5. Master Password: You can block access to the wSecure component from other administrators. Setting to "Yes", allows you to create a password that will be required when any administrator tries to access the wSecure configuration settings in the Wordpress administration area.

  6. Master Mail: These setting allow you to have an email sent every time the wSecure configuration is changed.

  7. Log: This setting allows you to decide how long the wSecure logs should remain in the database.

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