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I. Introduction

jLike Extension provides users to share website content easily on various social networking websites. jLike Extension consists of Component, Module, and Plugin

II.  Installation | Uninstallation

Installing jLike v1.0 from a package:
  1. Go to “Install” in “Extension Manager” in the “Extensions” tab in Joomla! admin panel.

  2. Browse the package inside Unzip First file and click the install button.

  3. This will install the plugin successfully.

Uninstalling jLike v1.0:
  1. Go to “Manage” in “Extension Manager” in the “Extensions” tab in Joomla! admin panel.

  2. Search the “JSP AddThis” and select it to uninstall and click on the “Uninstall” button on the top-left.

  3. This will uninstall the plugin successfully.

III.  Features

1) Sharing website content using various social networks like Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Vkshare, Buffer, StumbleUpon, Pinterest, Flipboard, Tumblr, Reddit, and Email.

2) Users can log in to Joomla! website using jLike Login Module using Facebook, Google Plus, and Instagram.

3) Users can use default social media links to share content, follow others, and tweet using the jLike Social Links Plugin.

4) Using jLike Extension, the Website Admin can set 3 types of Social Sharing Icons.

    a) Horizontal

    b) Vertical

    c) Flynn Bar

5) Using jLike Extension you can customize Social Share Icons on the Website Frontend using the following settings

    a) Change Icon Sizes

    b) Change Icons Positions

    c) Show / Hide Share Count

    d) Show the Total Share Count

    e) Show / Hide Social Networks

    f) Change Icon Sets.

6) jLike Extension provides you with an interactive detailed Dashboard. Dashboard consist of the following information

   a) Social Share Percentages

   b) User Registration Count from Social Networks (Facebook, Google Plus, Instagram)

   c) Individual Social Network Share Count

   d) Total Website Shares

7) jLike Extension also allows you to sort the social network icons as per your convenience.

8) In the jLike Module, you can also change Social Network Icons Sets.

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