jSecure Lite for Joomla! ® 3.0, Joomla! ® 2.5, Joomla! ® 1.7, Joomla! ® 1.6 and Joomla! ® 1.5

Joomla! ® has one security problem, any web user can easily know if the site is created in Joomla! ® by typing the URL to access the administration area (i.e. www.sitename.com/administrator). This allows hackers to hack the site easily once they crack the id and password for Joomla! ® . The jSecure Lite component prevents access to the administration (back end) login page if the user does not use the appropriate access key.

Easy to install, jSecure Lite adds a layer of security to your Joomla! ® website.

The original jSecure was "favorited" over 370 times on the Joomla! ® Extensions Directory and had a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars- and the new version is even better!

jSecure Lite Subscription

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JSecure adresses one very obvious weak point of Joomla! and cure it by locking the access to the backend.

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