Protect your WordPress site! wSecure hides your WordPress admin page from public access making it invisible which helps to protect your website from hackers. The problem with WordPress is that anyone can tell if your site is WordPress by simply typing in the default URL to the administration area (i.e. wSecure helps you hide the fact that your website is built with WordPress from prying eyes.

wSecure makes it so that "" will no longer bring up the admin page. Instead, wSecure allows you to set your own admin URL using a secret key (for example: Only people who enter the secret key will be able to access your admin area.

Easy to install wSecure adds another layer of protection for your WordPress website.

Note: Please uninstall the old version of wSecure Authentication before installing the new version of wSecure Authentication 2.2. wSecure Authentication 2.2 has a range of improvements including:

Change Logs:Change Log for Version 2.2:

  • Redirection problem corrected when user chooses custom path option.

Change Logs:Change Log for Version 2.1:

  • Session problem corrected.
  • Added the option of form to type the secret key in the form instead of the URL.
  • Added E-mail option to send the change log in wSecure Authentication.
  • User can choose from White Listed IPs / Blocked IPs.
  • User Friendly option to add ip address.
  • Enter specific IPs(White Listed IPs) that will allow access to administration area.
  • Added Master Password to access the wSecure Authentication.
  • Added view log functionality to show the log made by wSecure.
  • Added delete log functionality to keep the log of the plugin for a specified amount of time.
  • Improved back-end layout and presentation.

12 Month's Subscription

  • Version 2.2
  • Upgrade & Support for 365 days
  • Installation support
  • Ticket support
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JSecure adresses one very obvious weak point of Joomla! and cure it by locking the access to the backend.

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